My 1st Tulips


I have always liked tulips. I even remembered making tulips as a subject of my website project during college. I have never really touched tulips nor seen them up close. I sometimes pass by flower shops at malls, hovering over different sorts of colored flowers, hoping to get sight of these nice bulbs.

Who would have thought I’d get to have these nice tulips over my hands pretty soon?! Yes! Thanks to my sweet darling who gave me three rare lovely tulips. He got me a variety of Single Late Tulips, a Rembrandt type called La Courtine.

La Courtine

My La Courtine

I found out that tulips are also delicate. One must be careful not to break their petals. When I received these tulips, they were still buds. It was somehow magical when I pulled the plastic that enclosed the buds, the petals just suddenly opened and bloomed. So cute!

tulipsLa Courtine is an oval-shaped yellow tulip with red flames from bottom up. Such a romantic looking tulip.

I could not believe I would be able to put tulips on my vase on this humid weather.

However, they cannot last long with the humidity. Tulips grow longer on cold temperature. My boyfriend even said the florist got the tulips from the refrigerator.

Still, I am really happy to have had these little beautiful bulbs right before my eyes. Here are some of the others pictures I took hours after receiving my bouquet of tulips.

La Courtine

La Courtine


La Courtine


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