The Fairy Takes Flight at BDJ Planner 2012 Launch


I already had Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner for this year. And the years before this I already heard about it and was always trying to find out where to buy it.

The Belle De Jour Power Planner turned out to be one of  my bag essentials this year. I never thought I could write as much as this in a planner (was always lazy to write in a planner before). When i got hold of the BDJ, I got enthusiastic writing because of it’s attractive pages full of inspirations, colors and helpful lists.

One restless night, I checked my mail and saw an invite from BDJ to their Planner Launch at  Eastwood.

BDJ Power Planner Launch

Though I am interested on BDJ events, I never had the chance and time to register and attend. But that night was different…

I did registered for Segment One,Three and Five.  And after days, I received my confirmation. I got in on my top 2 choices!Whoohoo!!

BDJ email confirmation

This is it. I guess, my first-ever BDJ event. One thing, I haven’t been to Eastwood(we live in the South), and I don’t know who to ask to come with me. Yeah..there’s BF to come, but he’s also got a triathlon that day.Cannot be..

Anyhow, all i know is that I gotta be there. I’m pre-registered. I cannot give up my slot for such an exciting event.

October 16. I’m with my ever cool, young, mom. We left early. We got at Eastwood before 2pm. Everything is going right. When we are heading to the Open Mall Park, I could already feel the festivities. There were alot of pretty Bellas (this is what BDJ girls are called) lining up at the entrance. I even saw and talked to a good friend and fellow Iska, Elaine. 🙂

Upon entering the fair grounds, Mom and me excitedly looked around and checked all the booths. Since the fair is titled, Take Flight, we were given passport-like brochure where the schedule of events and booth passes are printed.

BDJ Passport

We were fairly early. Haha. We first tried the tarot card reading before the queu gets long. It was quite an interesting read! I hurriedly went to the First segment-Shop Around the World with Alyanna Martinez.  It was quite an interesting talk as she gave alot of tips where to buy great finds abroad and what to bring and secure while shopping abroad.

Alyanna Martinez at the Shop around the World

After the talk, raffle came. And I’m one lucky girl to have won. Yey!

1000 worth of GC from The Ramp

Carolling from the Kids of Scuolla dela Guioia and sampling of Selecta Gold followed.  After, I met my mom at the booth outside. She had gone through alot of booths and had some freebies already. I visited the booths too and was excited to try on the games and their free stuff. 🙂 Too bad, some booths run out of freebies and tokens already. But it was still fun.

I went to the second segment, which was equally interesting and more hilarious. It was the talk by Carelle Mangaliag titled Kilometer Zero.

Carelle Mangaliag giving talk

She was oozing with confidence  which was one of the main topics of her talk. She gave the talk with so much energy and everyone got equally enthusiastic. We even bought her book, Captivating Communication:Art of Speaking  with Confidence and Captivating Your Audience.

book signing with Ms. Carelle

To give a more visual description of how fun the fair was, let the photos below speak for themselves.

Kids of Scuolla dela Guioia

With A Bella

With cute Betsy at the Etude Booth

with Pretty Bella

Tarot Reading Booth

Writing at the Commitment Wall

Even if I wasn’t pre-registered at the other booths, BDJ was giving enough to share the other talks and so we were able to watch the talk Get Lost in Style by Divine Lee.

Divine Lee

The fair gets exciting as the night goes deeper. There are alot more  raffle prizes given away. Exciting production numbers from guests, booths outside the main tent, bungee jumping and alot more!

Posing with another Bella after buying my BDJ 2012 Planner

Goddesses of Belly Dancing

After the performance of Goddesses of Belly Dancing

The BDJ 2012 PlannerLaunch was truly one fantastic event. I did not regret going all the way to Eastwood for this. I took some photos of the SWAG loot bag we got.

Freebies inside the SWAG loot bag

Another set of freebies

the GC I won

And of course, the star of the event, The 2012 Belle De Jour Power Planner..

the BDJ 2012 Planner

Inside peak of BDJ 2012

A big thanks to BDJ for the amazing event and for the discounted planner! 🙂 I am sure to be more involved on upcoming activities and events. Till next launch!


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    • thanks Angel! I like ur blog too! i was looking for a like button nga knina. 🙂 maybe next event they will be there too. Ung book ni Ms. Carelle, P250 at the event. It’s around P300+ daw on National. 😀

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