adobo Run After Dark 2011


adobo. I am so familiar with it as I have been eating this with rice since childhood. That’s the adobo I know. Then another Adobo came…

Being a frustrated health advocate, I searched the internet for upcoming runs and marathon. (I notice runs are being the fad these days as a  great way to exercise) One run caught my attention. It was the adobo Run After Dark 2011.  What actually caught my eyes was the 3k Costume Run.

Adobo Run Ad

I have heard of Adobo and true to my knowledge, it is a magazine. An advertising publication. I had no idea they were organizing a run. And from what I have read, this is just the 2nd run and I’m excited to be part of it.

What I even like more about Adobo Run After Dark race are as follows:

  1. It’s starts at night. (yey, I can sleep till the sun is up!)
  2. The amazing performers (poi dancers, samba dancers, mime artists , fantasy costumes), free-flowing beers, booths and live music. What an exciting fantasy-themed run! Adobo magazine really knows how to advertise. 🙂
  3. Race kit. (Race singlet, Runningmate Timing Chip, Bib Number, Finisherʼs Certificate,Loot Bag, Party Stub
  4. Singlet. They have a nice reflectorized singlet at P750 which also includes the race kit.
  5. It’s a unique run!

Adobo Run After Dark Singlet

The run was held at Aseana City. Vince (yeah, he’s the bf and a recurring character on my blog)  and I joined the 3k Costume Run, which starts 8 pm. Other race categories are 5 k and 15k which I know I am not capable yet. haha!I don’t even know if I can do justice with the 3k run as I am a dead-lazy, couch potato who doesn’t find time to practice or even jog or skid.

The mood last October 29 at the run was so festive. I wasn’t able to conceptualize my costume. I just bought a witch-like classy hat to pair with my singlet.

My witch hat that looks like a party hat

According to the FAQ section of the run, any headdress or headband can be considered a costume. We arrived early(7pm) but there are already alot of people preparing. They were a sight to behold. Many are clad in colorful costumes, some in full superhero gear.

The 3k Costume run started with so much noise. I was so ecstatic and at the gun start I was running with so much adrenaline. At around 1.5km, I could already feel exhaustion. Blame it on my laziness to prepare for this run. I was gasping for breath. I couldn’t talk. I want it to end. Good thing, Vince, (the gentleman he is, and as my run buddy) stayed with me throughout the whole obstacle-i mean run. hehehe… He even carried my little, pink backpack as he saw I am almost at my weakest.haha! I drank anytime I could. Good thing I got happy and inspired when I saw a running ballerina, chef, Green Lantern, pirate, etc. pass behind me. It was so fun.

Fortunately, I finished the race. Yes, I did it with a not so commanding 21 minutes. Vince said it was not so bad for a first timer. But I know he could have finished it half of that time. I was so happy to see the light (the bright Finish line)!

After passing the finish line

We enjoyed strolling through the booths lined up while the 5k and 15k is ongoing.  Booths are giving freebies too aside from the loot bag we received (and i aimed for).

There are also personalities present like Chinggay Andrada, The Biggest Loser (Pinoy Edition) and even the cover of The Bull Runner, Rovilson Fernandez.

my goal: the loot bag

The booths

Other booths sell their merchandise at a discounted rate

Free Pocari sweat drink

Manila Beer booth

Other booths give out prizes for their mini games. I didn’t won but still had few samples. Vince won jackpot and got a box of vitamin.  While we wait for the runners to finish, I took photos of us and some performers. Pardon for the poor flash of my camera.

enjoying the free McCafe iced coffee and MultiSport mag

Mime act 1

Mime Act 2

Below are the photos of the set up of the event. It’s good to see there are hydration stations, there are bag deposit counters.

at the Starting area (look at the reflectors on our singlets!)

Finish line

the stage

Hydration Balloons

Baggage Check-in Counter

However, it was a chaos at the counter.Bags were literally piled up and mixed. Luckily I got mine in no time. Some people got irate not finding their bags in the pile. There were claim stubs though.There were numbers that eventually didn’t matter when you see how the deposit counter turned out.

pile of bags

mixed up bag 

On the way home, I didn’t let the chance pass of having my shot taken with the big Meralco float guiding all the runners that night.

at the Meralco float

The run was a blast. Hopefully, I get to join the run next year. I am also hoping to be more prepared when it comes! Below are the freebies we got from the run.

freebies from the Adobo Run After Dark 2011


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