The Fairy discovers NYX Wholesale PH


I don’t remember when I started liking make ups or cosmetics in general. I clearly remember shying away from these stuff. I especially said I don’t like lipsticks in particular.  Maybe because I am a “colorful” person literally and figuratively that I grew to like these colorful stuff.

Now, when you look at my desk, it’s full make-ups of all sorts. I even bought a make up case! My everyday bag  endures the weight of my make up kit. However, I only wear make-ups at the office or on special occasions. I admit I don’t have a gifted porcelain, flawless face. But it’s good enough to put make up on. 🙂 And so, I let my face rest during ordinary days or else pimples will be excited to visit my face.

Let me start my blogs on make-ups with a discovery. I started realizing lipstick is an essential part of putting on make up. It adds brightness to your face. It may also change your look and is an added accessory to your outfit.

As I search for the best lipstick, I keep on seeing a recurring favorite. It’s NYX. Many say it is very rich in color, affordable and has great shades. I grew more interested so I searched for resellers. As I was browsing through a site, I noticed a soon -to-be opened NYX online store ad- NYX Wholesale PH.

Nyx Wholesale PH website

I waited for the day. Then it opened. I am happy because the wait is worth it. As I was browsing their website, I found a wide array of cosmetics for the eyes, lips, face, body, etc.

Some products found on NYX Wholesale PH

Their prices are way affordable considering they have it shipped from the US! Their website is cleanly created. I didn’t hesitate to register. It is so easy to order and they have a detailed FAQ. When I try to ask a question, I was promptly answered online. They updated me regarding my orders through email and sometimes through my phone. There is also an order history found on your personal account so you know what is the status of your order.

My first order were the HD Studio Photogenic Primer (P420), their famous Round Lipstick (P95) in Louisiana and Electra shade. However, Electra was out of stock that time so I had to change it to Indian Pink. The waiting time maybe a little long for people who are used to buying at the department stores and boutiques. But for the price,not so long at all!

Then came the judging time. I was notified my package will be delivered soon. I was eager to receive my package. The products are contained in a bubblewrap. Then, the bubblewrap is covered in a blue sheet with a small sticker to seal it. . As I see it, I ordered three products but got four instead. Yes! I have a free L.A Colors nail polish. Apparently, they had an opening promo for the first 45 customers. We get to have a free product! Wow, I couldn’t believe I was a pioneer customer!

the first NYX products I ordered

I inspected the products and I am happy to see they were all in good condition. Here’s a closer look of each products:

HD Studio Photogenic Primer

Louisiana Round Lipstick

The one below is my replacement for the Electra shade. I heard good reviews about this one. I hope this is worth it.

Indian Pink Round Lipstick

my free nail polish

Due to the unavailability of Electra, I had to order again when it re-stocks. Thankfully, I got in the 2nd batch. And I also included one good product which is the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk shade. When these two arrived, I excitedly opened it. The package is still wrapped in blue but they already have a NYX sticker to seal it.

Second package from NYX Wholesale PH

Finally, I got my Electra plus the well-reviewed Jumbo Eye Pencil! Here are the shots:

Electra Round Lipstick

Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

So far, I am happy with the NYX products and I’m glad I have discovered NYX Wholesale PH.

I have only tried the Indian Pink and HD primer and I am satisfied! 🙂 I will give a detailed review of the products I bought on my future entries.

To order affordable NYX Products as well as LA Girl USA, just visit


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  2. thank you for the review. i was rly hesitant to order at first since they are only a few reviews posted, but yeah. thank you very much! 🙂

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    • Hello Erika, unfortunately their website in which I used to order no longer exists. There are other pages related to Nyx Wholesale PH however I cannot guarantee the authenticity.. I hope they put back their original website!

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