NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer : A Review


I never use primer on my face not until recently. I never even heard of it before. When I was searching for a good way to control the “oil mine” (how I wish could make money out of it!) on my face, I have stumbled upon the word primer.

In a nutshell, a make up primer is applied first on the face before you apply your liquid foundation or powder to hold make up longer. (This is exactly like a paint primer applied on materials before painting.) It acts as a shield from all the cosmetic products we put on our face. It also controls oiliness to make your face look matte and shine-free. Many brand boasts of staying power saying we don’t have to retouch for almost 8 hours! Imagine how hassle-free this primer does to our face?!Cool!

The only thing to do now is to find the right primer for my face. I am the type of person who does my research before I buy anything. It helps. Now, back to our primer…

After reading alot of feedbacks and reviews, one make up primer made a mark: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer. From it’s name alone, it offers a good promise. It’s a HIGH DEFINITION type of primer.-I only hear HD when talking about audio visual stuff.According to this primer, it makes your make-up look good even with harsh studio light, or when doing photoshoots. It also has light-diffusing effect to make skin flawless. Additional eye-catching offer of this product says, ” fills in pores, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and mattifies the complexion for a seamless finish.” (Complete description on NYX Website). I said, “Wow!Just the perfect primer for me!”  🙂

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer

I ordered one at NYX Wholesale PH for P420. Not bad for a primer. I guess even one of the most affordable primers out there.

The first time I tried this primer, I thought it’s not as bad as what I have read on other feedbacks. It’s pump is easy to use. Just a light press and the liquid primer will come out. The bottle is also made of plastic which is okay for me as it is light and it won’t shatter into pieces once dropped.

sample of liquid primer

The liquid primer is bluish white and seems diluted. The picture on the left may not clearly show the bluishness of this primer but under natural light, it is.

Most reviews also mentioned its weird smell. I must admit, the first time I took this primer near my face, I was able to smell it.

Indeed, it has a faint chemical or paint-like smell. If you are wary, then you might not put this anywhere near your skin. I also thought it smelled like hardener or varnish of some sort. Anyway, I didn’t mind. Why would it be named a primer if it doesn’t act or even smell like one?hehe.. Besides, one consoling thing is that it’s paraben-free, according to the packaging.

patch test (slighly blended)

I tried a patch test first. I must say it blends well on my skin considering the NYX HD Studio Photogenic primer do not have any other shade.

As mentioned previously, it is somehow diluted. It feels light and thin, thus, I was able to blend it fast. However, it’s thinness makes me pump more primer to cover my whole face.

Just a few strokes already blended the primer perfectly. I am happy that it feels light on my face. I save time applying this. However, make time to dry the primer before applying your next product.

blended liquid primer

Photo on the left shows the primer blended perfectly. I couldn’t hardly see the make up primer I rubbed on my skin. Also, with several use, I could not even smell anything out of the primer.

This primer makes my foundation more even. I also notice that I look less shiny after I am done applying my powder foundation. Finally, it looks matte! I don’t see my blemishes anymore. I look flawless! ( Can I say Allelluia!)

However, I couldn’t attest to it’s claim of making your make up last for hours. I notice I had to retouch after lunch as my powder foundation is wearing off.

Aside from that, I am satisfied with the way it minimized my pores and made my skin even and matte. What ‘s next for me is to ask bf to photograph me and see if it endures harsh lighting or will it perform on studio shoot also to test it’s light-diffusing effect. (I will try to write again about this effect once photographed.)

Below is a photo of me (already after lunch) when I used the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer. 

Take note: I only use make up primer on special events that I need to look really good or on busy days that I don’t have time to retouch. For the photo below, we dropped by to a bazaar, then  straight to another mall and went home late at night already. I didn’t had much to retouch, also as washrooms at places like those are totally crowded.

Applied NYX HD Primer

So far, this is a good, affordable product you can find on the market or mostly online. It’s good enough for me as liquid foundation also does its job on ordinary days. I suggest trying out NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer for those who really want to even out their skin. I noticed it worked for me. 🙂


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