Tuesday Dinner at Friday’s


We really had no plans of dining out on a Tuesday night especially if that it is pre-holiday  (November 29) and I just got out of office. Yet, Mama and me had to dine out. Reason: last Belle De Jour 2012 Power Planner Launch, Mama won a T.G.I Friday’s gift certificate worth P 500. And yeah, we only have another day to consume it!

GC from BDJ

Off we went to the nearest Friday’s- Mall of Asia. It was not so crowded that day or perhaps because it’s midweek. We were escorted at once to the table near the kitchen area.  The restaurant is shining brightly in red as can be seen on their logo. However there were parts that are dim. The interior is adorned with lots of American trademarks and icons. The tables and chairs were wooden and is just plain and simple. Only some condiments and fliers are placed at each table.

But the most enviable for me would be the crew’s infamous button pins sash. I wanna have those! (Quick fact: I heard from a friend who used to work here that those button pins are from their own efforts and pockets.)

TV in front of our seat with the kitchen behind it

Interior of Friday's

I was really excited to order as I rarely thought of Friday’s when we dine out. I barely remember the last meal I had here. hehehe..  The menu was full of delicious burgers, steaks, ribs and alot of other dishes. What I like about their menu is that they have Allergy Alert so that diners are aware if their choice dish has an ingredient that  can trigger allergy. What’s more special that evening is that one of our meal is almost free! Thanks to the BDJ for the GC! 🙂

TGI Friday's menu

I ordered a new dish called Fish Veracruz (P375). I wanted a slightly light meal as it is late evening already. Mama had Chicken Fingers (295) so we could also try out each other’s meals.

The service was fast, I must say. It didn’t took long before we were already chewing on our food. The serving was really big. One plate can be good enough for two moderately hungry people.

Fish Veracruz

Fish Veracruz was yummy! There were two slices of fish fillet and the cream dory, really soft! The dish was topped with a special sauce and some green and red bell peppers. I like that the rice was  java. Pardon for the “uber” red photo as the plate and place was really fiery red!

Chicken Fingers

The Chicken Fingers is equally delicious. There were around 5 pieces of chicken fingers paired with big  slices of french fries. I also liked the dip. I just thought that the chicken fingers were too meaty and could not really be treated as finger food.

At the end of the meal or almost at halfway through it, we were already full. I don’t know if I am not that hungry or the dishes really made us full. I guess it is more of the latter. 🙂

The waiter also visits us once in a while to check if we needed anything and how our dinner  was.

It was a good dining experience to think we only had to add a few amount to our total bill. 😛

Below are two happy diners.

Me while waiting for the food

Mama while waiting for the food

You may visit T.G.I Friday’s website for more info.

T.G.I Friday's button pin


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