Say Bonjour to my Belle de Jour!


Most of the time, I plan things but I rarely write them down. I had a long quest on the would-be-perfect-for-me planner. I am the kind of person who does not get whatever is there. I want something  I really like.

As I’ve said on my Belle De Jour 2012 Launch entry, I have been searching way back college days where to buy the BDJ Planner. As I have seen on my friends and online, I got intrigued as it is so colorful, varied, eye-catching, so like my type!

Belle de Jour (n. bel duh zhoor’): 1) French fashion lingo for IT Girl; 2) the modern-day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style. This is what I have read on my planner and as what is also posted on the BDJ website. This made me like BDJ Planner more. It stands for every girl like me who dares and dreams and have goals in life while putting everything in style.

Finally, the search is over when I was able to order the BDJ Power Planner online. I was thrilled! I even ordered a Navi Planner (which I will talk about in another entry) . This planner is all worth it. The first time I opened it, I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. I even had it plastic covered so as to protect it.

Belle de Jour 2011

As the photo above displays, my planner had gone through alot this year making it look worn out but still sturdy. I have this almost everyday whenever I go to work. It has been my company through solitary lunch, quiet breaks and chit chats with colleagues. I even use it when I have to take down some important notes-with my colorful pens!

my BDJ 2011 full of notes

special sections of BDJ 2011














As I was very pleased with BDJ that I already planned of getting one for 2012. I had been quite active on checking out their website and browsing through the updates. When I heard of the Belle De Jour 2012 Take Flight Launch, I immediately registered. That event was extremely special as they sold the planner at a discounted price! I got it for around P420 only!It pays to be updated. 😉

Say bonjour to  my Belle De Jour 2012!

Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

The planner is as sturdy as my last year’s. They also come in two format, one in book bind and another in spring. I always get the one with spring as i find it easier to write to and I could fold it. I might try the binded one on 2013!haha… This year, they went into a cleaner design giving more spaces for writing. I thought the paper they use changed because it became coarser. Some fans also pointed out the same. The paper is also lighter and seems like I couldn’t barely see the design. However, it doesn’t matter as I am using colored pens which will make it stand out more! This year, they also introduced a new page titled “Letter to Self” which I think is thrilling as I have never write anything for myself!I’m excited to know what I should be saying!:)

First page of BDJ and the BDJ card

inside writing space of BDJ 2012

In addition to the nice writing space, there are other features of Belle De Jour that makes it indispensable. Like last year’s, it still has a clear plastic attached to the planner to store some notes you have. What’s better is from the half page, it now becomes a whole page giving more space for notes storage!

clear plastic attached to BDJ

Also present, are the fan favorite pages below which I also find very essential.  The goal tracker page is still present. Makes me think of what I want and need to achieve.

2012 Goals page

The BDJ checklist is also amazing as it gives you alot of ideas to spice up your life. It has many activities for you to try out and check once done. And this year, they even categorized the things to do!

BDJ 2012 Checklist

Other pages I really use are the Bills and Cash Flow tracker and the Menstrual tracker which is really helpful. I do not have to pile up a lot of paper and jot down these reminders in whatever calendar or paper I see. 🙂

Bills tracker and Cash Flow tracker

Menstrual tracker

Belle de Jour is also one planner that is so generous giving out coupons with a lot of discounts from various stores (as well as online stores)! This 2012 planner also included a checklist of all coupons you have used in order for us to check which ones we haven’t. And BDJ gives discount on the next year’s planners if you have consumed alot of coupons!

Coupons tracker

Coupons from various stores

online store coupons

Aside from these very cool features, Belle De Jour planner also has colorful pages with tips and inspirations to guide you through each day.

BDJ articles

There are so many pages to flip through BDJ planner. Each one logically placed to help every Bella organize her life while she manages to stay fashionable and pretty. This planner is for every girl who loves life and lives to the fullest. I have found my planner in Belle De Jour and hope many more feels the same.

To feel what I have talked about on this entry, you should also get hold of this planner.

To all interested Bellas out there,  you may order through their website: They also have a Facebook page where you can check out all the latest updates and activities. 🙂


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