Navi: A Planner and a Diary


Aside from the famous Belle de Jour Planner, there is also another planner from Viviamo called Navi. Last year, while I was browsing through the website of BDJ, I saw this another eye-catching planner.

Navi Planner 2011

I also ordered one as I could not let this equally nice planner pass.

Navi, has a sleek design making it also suitable for guys. It is more compact and has a lot of spaces to write on.

There are also colored pages of different places. As the tagline says, it is “your life navigator“. This planner takes you to a lot of places around the world and encourages us not only to travel literally but also navigate our life everyday. I like the whole look of Navi as it makes me feel I’m holding an old manuscript or book created thousands of years ago. I like the mystery!

Since this planner inspires me to travel through life, I got an idea not to only write down my plans but also to share my thoughts and dreams. Since there are more spaces to write on, I made it my personal diary.

Really perfect!

Navi as my diary

Like Belle de Jour, it also has some nice pages where you can write down your goals, check some things to do and use discounted coupons. What more can I ask for?A planner and a diary in one! Below are the other features I mentioned above.

colorful inspirations

There are also whole pages where you can write on notes which is really good. More spaces, more stories!:)

Notes section

Navi coupons

I could not stress the importance of this Navi for me. Just flipping through the pages of my Navi makes me inspired and full of love for life.

Navi is for everyone who dreams and navigates their own life with happiness.

For, those interested you may visit: or


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