The Fairy is also a Dragon


New year, new entries. I’m glad I’ m back. I am happy the past year did not leave carrying with it my passion to blog.

I was out for awhile but I am back along with the new year-the Water Dragon Year. There had been changes with my life, new work, new tasks, new plans.

I am not much into Chinese astrology, but once it got me interested, it hits me bad. I am really thrilled with the start of the year of the Dragon. Admit it or not, we are more interested with things associated with us. And I am no exception.

Born under the year of the Dragon, I can say I am as mythical as the dragon. My life is full of mystery and I am wanting to discover more of it this 2012.

Dragons are the only creature in the Chinese zodiac that has never been personally seen. It is mythical. Eastern and Western culture have their interpretations of what a dragon is. In Chinese mythology, it is more depicted as a huge snake that can fly. In Western culture, it is often depicted as a giant, winged lizard. Nevertheless, both described the dragon as a creature with great power.

In an astrology book I have read, the Dragon was said to be the fifth creature to arrive when an Emperor decided to hold a race to determine the 12 animals that will be part of the zodiac. It is because it helped people and animals along the way that despite its ability to fly and swim, it came fifth.

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Reading that myth made me seal my sign as a dragon. Beneath that powerful, strong look is a gentle, kind creature-truly like me. I may be a fairy that looks gentle and loves everything nice and pleasant but beneath is also a strong-willed, determined dragon and vice versa.

I would want to believe Chinese astrology more when I heard my allies are the rooster and rat which equates to my Mom. How blessed can I be! The closest and special person in my life is actually my ally. What more could I ask for.

This entry is not really to educate about Chinese astrology nor boast about 2012 being our year- us Dragons.

This entry is to greet the New Year with so much happiness and anticipation of good things to come. To remind myself what  good things life has given me- what I have on my hands that I should treasure-what good is in me that I could share to the world. 

The year of the Dragon is a reminder to me that I am special and I am blessed. I have nothing to complain because whatever my heart’s desires are will be heard and given in due time.

This 2012 is not only for the people born under the year of the Dragon and it’s allies and friends. Everyone is given hope with this new year. We have another 12 months to dream, to hope and to be fulfilled.

We are all blessed. We will receive good things.

Always be reminded that our lives will flow abundantly just like the promise of abundance that the Water Dragon represents.


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