The Fairy flies to Bohol


Since it’s nearly summer and most people are planning their summer trips, I decided to share our Christmas vacation in one beautiful tourist spot- Bohol.

This trip has a lot of first times.

  1. I embarrassingly admit this is my first airplane ride( *blush*).
  2. First out of Luzon trip with Mama and bf together.
  3. First time to set foot in Bohol.
  4. First ever discount deal bought online.

Relating to my fourth list, this trip is a risk. I just bought the coupons on Ebay which meant we had discounts. We had the round trip tickets plus tour package , 3D/2N for only 5k! I did not want to let this cheap deal pass so I grabbed the discount and the rest is history as they say!:)

Note: This post is picture heavy. 🙂

We chose the dates on the first week of December as holidays and Christmas season were not part of the deal.  Zest Airways was the airline our travel agency Pacific Link Travel and Tours got for us. Pardon for all the flying related photos  as I am really thrilled! We had some hesitation while at the airport because of the e-tickets given by our TA. It was not the usual tickets you receive when you buy from the airline or a ticketing store.

boarding pass

terminal fee

After passing through all the stops at the airport, we were at last inside waiting for our flight! In fairness, everything was smooth. Note that we are actually too early!

sleepy..can’t wait to board

inside Manila Domestic Airport boarding area

While waiting for our flight, I could not help but wander around and compare our airport to other airports. I believe this is not the worst, but definitely cannot be part of the best. At last our plane came and I am happy the flight was not delayed. Zest Airways delivered an okay service. It was clean and the flight was smooth. Below are photos from our flight.

Zest Airways

during the flight

At last, after almost one hour up in the sky, we set foot at Tagbilaran airport. The sun was shining brightly! What a good day to see the place.

at Tagbilaran airport

Mama and me

at Tagbilaran airport

While we check out, there were hesitations of how to go to our sponsor accommodation. Outside the airport (which was really small), there were a lot of resort drivers hanging posters of people’s names. Others were just waiting at the arrivals, offering those who had no accommodations yet. We came out not knowing what to expect, until I saw a familiar name written on a bond paper-my own name! And there was manong, raising the paper still under the heat of the sun. I made a sign at him that it was me. We finally met our sundo! He got the car, it was a vintage one! The ride to the resort was long. Manong said it was just 30 mins away, but for us, it was double that. I am not sure why it took so long, either manong drives slowly, or the car’s engine cannot run any faster, it is far or we were just tired. hehehe…

We were welcomed at Cherry’s @ Home Too Inland Resort in Tawala, Panglao, Bohol. It was really exciting as everything is going well. We were handed out the keys to our room right after I showed the printed receipt. Hassle free.

Cherry’s @ Home Too

Below are our room photos. It was clean , well maintained and complete with amenities. They even gave us an extra bed as there were 3 of us. We also have complimentary breakfast. Nice accommodation!

our room

inside of our room

inside of the room

better room than expected!

As we left early in Manila for our flight, there were no time for breakfast. So after checking in at our room, we decided to go out and explore the restaurants nearby to grab a bite. Surprisingly, there were alot of restaurants and bars near Cherry’s @ Home Too.

We stopped by on this spacious restaurant with wooden interior. Everyday we pass here, there were alot of foreigners filling the place. It was our regular dining place during our stay at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol. They offer a wide selection of food from tapsis, to grilled to Thai food. The menu and the food served was good. The tapsis we ordered cost just around P120.

cashier area

my order-chicksilog

their order- dasilog

fresh calamansi juice

They also have fresh seafoods to grill during the night. I couldn’t help but had a grilled squid and chicken!It was really good. Mama and Vince also ordered grilled BBQ and kebab respectively.

grilled  pusit

grilled vegetable kebab

grilled BBQ

grilled chicken which seems to be burnt.:)

Before our first day ends, we went back to Cherry’s to explore the area and just hang out. They have a rooftop there were you could just sit and chill and also can be used for gatherings. They also have a swimming pool which we were able to maximize as the other guests didn’t swim there.

at the rooftop

a view of the swimming pool from our room

Another good thing about the area aside from nearby restaurants is the presence of an atm, particularly BPI! There were also mini grocery stores and souvenir shops in case you want a hassle free shopping.


souvenir shop

The next day was entirely for our trip to Bohol tourist spots which I will discuss in my next entry. We had a very good package as almost all sites were included and was explored. 🙂


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  1. Weew! Just read your blog, at last, I’ve read a blog regarding pacific link travel and tours from eBay Kuponan. I also purchased a deal, but it’s a Boracay package. I was searching to know if the travel agency is a real one, cause I’ve paid them in full, just to be sure that our travel in April will go smoothly. Yay for your blog! Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading my blog Cathy!Same here,after I purchased the deal, I was really hesitant.I searched the net for Pacific Link but couldn’t find any feedback for them so I thought I will share what will happen. Enjoy your Bora trip!Have fun!;)

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