A Shimmering Revlon Review


I want to share one essential Revlon product that I have and I use often. This product is actually a discovery. I had it when Mama and me won a grand prize at an SM raffle draw. This tiny product was included on the bag of goodies we received. I never thought it would turn as a wonderful surprise!

The product I am discussing is Revlon Perle Eye Shadow in Brushed Copper (040).

Revlon Perle

This eyeshadow is very compact and has a little brush inside. It is shimmery and has a nude color which is perfect for day make up.

inside the look of Revlon Perle

Yes, I use this as day make up regardless of its shimmer! It doesn’t give you a shocking shimmer that would make you look ready for disco balls and party lights. It actually blends with the eyelid and is perfect for your eyeliner.

I usually go out just applying this with a liquid eyeliner and I am all set for the day. I like that it is glossy and shimmery but the color suits your eyes and makes it more lively. It doesn’t really shout saying, “Hey! I AM WEARING EYESHADOW, LOOK!” It is suttle on the eyes.

Look at my photo below, it hardly look like I am wearing one:

wearing Revlon Perle with eyeliner

Also, you don’t have to apply many coating as 1 or 2 strokes will give you the effect already. It is very economical. However, you may opt to use an eye primer for longevity and to bring out the effect of this eye shadow more.

I am a person who likes glitters and shimmers and finding this product that I can use for day time is great.

Upon asking for the price, this can get expensive at 400-500 each. You can also opt for the satin finish. They also have other colors, like black, violet and others.

Hope you also find your little eye shadow essential!:)


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