Coldest and Highest Dinner at Vivere


I could not deny the fact that Vivere is a special place to me as I am writing about it the second time. I couldn’t help but love the place despite it’s coldness and freezing al fresco dining effect. The last time we (Vince and I) went there, it was chilly, the recent, it was freezing! Haha.

the Richville Hotel where Vivere Skyline is located

This time, it was a Valentine date that we had there (You could imagine being atop a hotel in February). Nevertheless, the experience is still memorable. The place is as romantic as it was the first time we were there.

We arrived a little early for dinner as we did not have reservations this time. Imagine the risk we took on a Valentine season! Luckily, we were settled in a table sort- of -the -middle of the restaurant. I believe it was a good decision to pick that as I have said, it was really freezing that time. People had started entering just in time for dinner. It was around 6 pm already.

What’s different about this entry of  Vivere Skyline than I have previously had is that y I had more photos of the area so that you can appreciate and feel how romantic the area can get.

Below are the photos of Vivere Skyline in it’s most serene and magnificent view.

The most al fresco area beside the ‘infinity pool’

breathtaking view of the pool with the Laguna de Bay background

another view of the pool

These shots I took was when we were waiting for our order to arrive. Vince and I usually have the habit of trying food we never tasted and ordering more than two dishes. hehehe.

I will now take you to the inside of Vivere where we are seated.

this is a view of their interior

a view of the bartender area

They actually have a nice interior. I like the patterns on the wooden chairs and the “warm wooden look of the place”.

This is a view that we see beside our table.

They actually have good ornaments put together to form an exquisite design.  I felt like dining at a nice art restaurant.

little lamps that adore the area

They lit up those little lamps at night which makes it more romantic!

They also have Spanish looking windows as seen on my back.

The photo below shows a view of the bar that they also have. At times, an organ is placed there for entertainment or for those who would want a try.

a view of the bar

vivid colors

I love the photo above as the effect of the colors is just so vibrant.  The light coming from the sunset was really amazing on this shot. The materials of each ornament and interior matches perfectly with the sunset.

When the sun went down, they lit up each lamp on the tables. They do have lights at the Skyline, however, they open minimally to enhance the romantic air of the place.

the lamp behind

another lamp shot

I could not end this entry without sharing the food we had this time. Vince ordered a baby back ribs while I had a baked rosemary chicken. Our appetizer was an equally delicious gambas.


baked rosemary chicken

baby back ribs

Their menu is matched with it’s proper partner. As seen above, the baked rosemary goes with rice as the baby back with baked potato. They do not have plenty of rice dishes but I supposed for rice lovers  (like me), you can order an extra. I must also say that their servings are big enough to satisfy one’s hunger.

One highlight of our dinner was the dessert we ordered. It was truly a fulfilling discovery. We ordered a frozen brazo de mercedes that is priced at only P180.  And what a surprise! A simple name turned out to be a great dessert. It is indeed frozen, with layers of brazo de mercedes, ice cream, graham crusts, mango and chocolate on top. It is like a mix of Mango Bravo and graham cake. 🙂 Just so,so yummy…

One order was good for both of us.

frozen brazo de mercedes

the happy date

For all of you looking for a getaway in Metro Manila, this is the romantic place to go. It’s just not for those who get distracted by the cold, blowing wind…


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