A Clayful L♥ve


Talent is a gift. I had been always wondering what my gift was.  I admit I cannot sing nor dance magically. And I have learned to accept that as music had learned not to accept me. Hehehe..

However, I want  to be a braggart and say, I was not forgotten! I can speak, make a speech, host, communicate. I have the gift of speech and I am so thankful for it. I successfully overcome stage fright everytime.

Am I making sense at all?What does it connect to the title of my entry? Ok so here it goes…

I may have the gift of speech but I  realize  I cannot share it  all the time.I cannot just stand up in front of people and talk. So I had to rediscover me. I want a talent I can share and show people. What I can do to be more productive and good about me. Then crafting came. I had done I guess all sorts of crafts since childhood. I tried crosstitch, weaving, crocheting, bead work, jewelry making, painting and sketching. I loved every arts and crafts I did. Then I stumbled upon a new craft one busy day surfing the net.

from dare2feel.com

Polymer Clay. I admit polymer clay  sounded new to me. But its form is not new to me. I realized that my favorite earrings and necklace were all made of polymer clay. I decided to search for it, and then I liked it even more that I want to learn it.

Polymer clay is a sculptable material based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It usually contains no clay minerals, and is only called “clay” because its texture and working properties resemble those of mineral clay.- Wikipedia

I liked polymer clay each day I learned about it. It has endless possibilities that I didn’t find on all other crafts I tried. It tickles my mind and makes my hands creative than my brain.

I enrolled in a polymer clay workshop by Ms. Donna at the well-known Beadlady Studio.

Beadlady Studio

Ms. Donna beside me together with my workshop classmates

our student creations

my workshop creations

I learned the basics, some useful techniques and how to incorporate this with accessories. I am a self-confessed-accessory-addict. After that day, I knew I fell in love with the craft.

Below are some of my first creations:

cellphone chain

heart necklace with caning technique


bouquet earrings

flower necklace

blue daisy-inspired necklace

starfish flower necklace

apple earrings

I am very optimistic on things I could still make using polymer clay. There is a wide variety of all things made of  polymer clay.

As I write this entry my collection of tools and creations had been growing and growing. Many were asking if I am selling my polymer creations. I will. It takes time to master this skill and I am focused. I want to explore more and “perfect” each creation I make.

In the meantime, I will mold my mind on things I  could make out of these clays. May each of  you also find their gifts and knead them into something wonderful.~


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