The year that was and 2013 that is.


It has been months since I last put my fingers and keyboard together.  Though, it has been long, I can still say I get excited every time I start typing. The joy and fulfillment is still here.

I want to talk about a lot of things that happened. I want to share  the happiness and misery I had. The anxiety, confusion and hope that 2012 had brought to me.  The past year had been a blast in totality. I could have not wished for more.

Let me give a brief of what my past year had been.

Emotions visited me. Happy, Sad, Confused, Excited.

What I thought could be forever ended in an unexpected day. Though I had visions of the possible destruction, when it’s there you still just could not believe it. It was surreal but it is normal. It is almost a dream yet a reality of life.

What I could not fathom is that I was thankful it happened and I went through it. Now I completely understand.

I have loved, lost and let go.

Another surprise came into my 2012. I am just so happy to be part of my dream department when another dream was fulfilled. It came when I least expected it. I believe it now, really. You will never be so ready.

I was given the opportunity to move to property level and even to a challenging department that I know will make me grow more as a professional. My new career came at the right time, when I and everyone else thought it is time.

New environment, new colleagues, new tasks. Everything fresh.

Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

Holiday Inn and Suites Makati

As I look back at my career ladder, one may say it was quick. Three years with three positions in just one company.  I could not be happier. I know I will still push bigger boulders along my path, but I believe everyone had their fare share of boulders.

The first I had been waiting.

Finally, I never imagined it would happen in 2012. My first ever flight abroad. Bangkok.

I used to imagine about it. I used to dream and plan of it. I just learned that you have to take action in order to make it a reality. You just cannot sleep and wake up in another country-at least for me it is not possible.

Being with friends made it more memorable. It is just so fun, so relaxing, eye-opening. I could just be me and not worry of what to do the next day.

Buying that ticket, packing your things and hopping on that plane is not so hard after all. You just got to do it.

I had addiction in 2012.  I really could not keep away from it.

The FEAST. The Happiest Place on Earth, indeed. Such a wonderful addiction.

taken from The Feast PICC FB page

My 2012 was filled with gratitude. I saw direction. I owe it to my renewed faith. Stronger and solid.

Blessings came pouring in. All emotions felt had reasons I understood. Had I not been at the happiest place on earth, I would have hated my 2012. I would have not received so much blessings and joy.

This was the best decision I had made, being at The Feast every single Sunday, amidst all situations I faced. And just like magic, my life suddenly produced blessings after blessings that I could not ask for more but only say my thank yous.

This 2013 is full of promises,as I say each year. The only difference now is that I truly believe it. With how I managed my last year,I know I will definitely recap my 2013 with even brighter and better things.


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