Give a Little Love to NYX Matte Lip Cream


I had been a fan of NYX brand specially of the lipstick. Their colors are vibrant and rich.

Recently, I came across another promising product from NYX- their matte lip cream.

Even some of my friends have their own color of matte lip cream. After several feedbacks from them and some research results ( I always does research before I buy), I finally decided to give this a try.

Upon looking at the selection from NYX Wholesale PH, I stumbled upon an interesting deal.

NYX Limited Give a Little Love Set. This contains 3 well-loved shades- Antwerp, Addis Ababa and Tokyo.

For only P475, you get to try all three good shades.

NYX Give a Little Love

As  I receive my order from NYX Wholesale PH, I cannot wait but open the package.

Package from NYX Wholesale PH

The NYX matte lip cream

In the package it says that it’s not lipstick nor a gloss and opening the tube, I can say it isn’t really either of the two. Its creamy texture makes it more colorful and lasting. One swipe can last almost the whole day.

I even added another shade, Monte Carlo which is like the cream version of Electra. A very good and matte shade of red.

Monte Carlo

While I am loving this Matte Lip Cream, which is also very handy, a downside would be it’s drying effect on the lips. I suggest to damp on a gloss or balm first before swiping the NYX Matte Lip Cream.

If you do not moisturize, one can see the lines of your lips and you can feel the dryness as you go through the day. Also, with its plastic tube bottle, the durability cannot be promised. I had accidentally dropped my Antwerp and the plastic bottle cracked.

See below how the different shades look:

Addis Ababa shade

Addis Ababa is a bright pink shade that can also pass as fuschia. I thought I am not able to sport this color but turns out I do apply this often specially on days that  I don’t wear heavy make up.

Tokyo shade

Tokyo is a light pink shade when I applied it. Makes my lips look really pale. This is the color I least apply as I feel my lips also float within my face. However, there are times that I apply this shade when I want a subtle look on my lips.

Antwerp shade

Antwerp is one of my usual day color. Gives my lips brightness and but does not have a distracting effect. It is subtle but you will notice it”s there.  It is almost a coral shade which can be paired with most outfits I have.

Monte Carlo shade

Monte Carlo as mentioned is similar to Electra. It has a matte red finish and looks great for no make up look. I usually swipe on this shade when I do not have any make up on or I have the lightest make up.

I would still recommend the NYX Matte Lip Cream for those who wants easy application and bright shade on their lips. It is hassle free for me, just like putting on a lip gloss. It is very handy and long lasting.

I would definitely try out other shades of the Matte Lip Cream.


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  1. Antwerp is also my default lippy. I also love san paulo and istanbul! you made such a nice review! And I also made a review about this lippies 🙂

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