A Covergirl Lip Perfection Review


I had a habit of using lip balms before applying on lipstick. My lips tend to dry after awhile when I have lipstick on and I do not really like the feel of it. Even every retouch, I do apply lip balm before lipstick.

When my good friend Meg turned up at the office one time, I saw her bright pink lips full of moisture and could not help comment on how good it looks on her. 🙂 Being the good friend she is, she made me try her lip balm. I thought I heard it wrong, lip balm? It looked as if she had a very nice moistured lipstick. When she pulled out a jumbo pen- like balm from her bag, I was really surprised.

It was the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm.

Ever so gracious Meg, even gave me the best news of that day- she is giving me the Covergirl Lip Perfection! It was indeed new and she have just tried it on that same day. The color was really nice. It was the Watermelon Twist (215) which looked like a bright pink shade, subtle yet vibrant. I had a quick look online and found out this costs around $7 (Php 311.00).

Covergirl Lip Perfection

The texture is so creamy and when applied, you can really feel the moisture on your lips. What is really good about this product is that it is a balm and lipstick rolled into one. Indeed, I use this as lipstick due to the fact that it has a rich color,  pigment is really good(which can really be noticed when applied). I do not need to apply balm and lipstick. I only need to use this and voila! I have moisture and color on my lips.

Creamy texture

The packaging is a bit big, however; as said, you only need this on your bag. It is also easy to use as it is twistable.  You won’t be needing sharpeners for the balm.

Do know that there are also other nice shades such as 205 Ballet Twist, 210 Blush Twist,230 Berry Twist, 235 Coral Twist, 250 Scarlet Twist, 260 Plum Twist and 275 Mauve Twist. However, the name of the shade is not on its packaging. Only 215 is marked at the bottom.

The balm is also delicate and it easily loses its shape with few applications. Another downside would be its staying power. Since it is a lip balm, you would need to re-apply it at least every 3 hours.

Wearing Covergirl Lip Perfection

I suggest using the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss during days that you just want to put on something light on your face. I normally use this when I go out during weekends with little or no make-up and just wanted to give a little pop on my face.


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