I have always wanted to be defined as unique. I stand by own beliefs and would definitely not jump in the bandwagon. I am me. Not anybody else.

To share more about what I wanted people to know about me and why my blog is titled as such, here’ a repost from my Multiply:

Fairies are often visualized as beautiful creatures in the form of a human. As in any other things, they have good and bad. They are magical, enchanting and mysterious-which my life is also composed of.

Green,which is related to “growan” which means to grow is also as fascinating as fairies. It also denotes both good and bad. In some cultures, it means nature, peace, hope while in some it means sickness, envy and evil.

I have emerald as my birthstone. I am truly magnetized with everything green.I dream to fly as the fairy. I love beautiful, magical things. I am both good and bad. I am human. I fly high.

The hallway

Walking through life


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