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Loving Belle de Jour’s New Look


Every end of the year,  I am not only occupied by the holiday fever but also the search for the perfect planner. Each year, I take time to browse the net and just check the most promising release there are.

In the past years, I have always ended up with Belle de Jour Power Planner (BDJ) , and always, everytime, I did not regret it.

You may check all my past posts about Belle de Jour and how this power planner truly empowers me and every girl out there who would like to strike a balance in their lives.

This year marks an exception of all Belle de Jour planners I had on my desk. Yes, BDJ still has that pretty, positve, cheerful and vibrant girl on cover whom I always assume is the representation of all the girls that have BDJ power planner in their lives. They still have the choice of smythsewn and spiral at Php 598.  They even added the  customization feature where you can order with your name on cover for an added cost. Really eye-catching. However, despite the always amazing cover of BDJ, something caught my eye.

Exclusive Gray Leather.

Yes you heard me. Belle de Jour has introduced an exclusive gray leather limited edition. Maybe it is part of maturity that pulled me towards the sleek design of this Belle de Jour. As soon as I saw it on their website, I wanted one. It is  bit formal that I can actually bring it to work, take it to meetings and serious discussions and still has that girly, exciting inside pages that I have always loved. There is also a black garter attached at the back which serves as the planner’s lock.  It feels so durable and the pages are held like the smythsewn type. What is also nice is that they still have the pink ribbons for the bookmark purpose and now it’s two!

Belle de Jour Exclusive Gray Leather

Back of BDJ Power Planner

At Php 680, I am ready to buy this planner to try this new design. And being very lucky, BDJ team extended a one day promo slashing 20% off the price! I did not waste this chance and bought my planner on their website. One thing I was really happy about was the improvement of the shipping. Xend had become so fast that in less than 3 days, I already have this nice planner on my hands.

Xend Express

I will let you into a glimpse of the best pages and the new ones that will become part of your daily doodles.

First Page


This planner always manages to give us treats with their special discounts from various shops. There are several buy one take ones, slash off the price, free tokens and all other useful coupons to minimize your spending throughout the year.

Coupons inside BDJ

Share Happiness

This is one of the new pages of the BDJ planner. Share happiness is like paying forward. You can list down the things that can make others around you, be it living or non-living thing, happy. Spreading happiness is just like painting your world colorful.

Share Happiness

Events Tracker

This is an improved Events Tracker page . Mall of Asia events were incorporated so I am sure for those who wants to stroll in MOA, you wouldn’t miss their festivities. And specially, the BDJ fair is also written here so every Bella won’t have an excuse  to miss it. 🙂

This is also best in remembering people’s birthdays, anniversaries, trips and some important events to go to in every month.

Events Tracker

Random Thoughts

Another clean page where you can freely write your thoughts and all ideas that you want to constantly be reminded of. Just scribble along the different categories and make the entries as creative as possible.

Random Thoughts

Menstrual Tracker

One of my favorite pages of this power planner. The menstrual tracker page helps me plot my periods so easily and aids me also in anticipating my next red days in one glimpse. I do not need to flip pages of each month just to check the previous ones. The left side also has some reminders, notes and  where you can jot down symptoms you had experienced. This is helpful to check the regularity of your menstrual period or if there is any abnormality.

Menstrual Tracker

Focus/ Finish

This is a goals page introduced in the latest BDJ power planner. Almost same with the good habits page, this one gives you more freedom to list down things you want to focus on and how you will be able to finish it. I believe one can never run out of things to achieve. This page allows you to be reminded of those goals.

Focus/ Finish Page

Weekly Layout Page

These are the pages you go through everyday and write on. The first weeks of my January had become so text full already. This is because the Belle de Jour weekly layout has a great amount of space, easy to read and go through your schedule for the whole week. I love to write and write on it. Not only has it a space for your daily schedule but the usual favorites are still there:

  • Professional Priorities box
  • Major Goals
  • Personal Errands
  • This week’s list of
  • This week I’m grateful for
  • Most Important Tasks (MIT)
  • Bottom box for listing random things

What’s also nice is that at the bottom of the page, you can read inspirational messages that looks like crawlers.

Weekly Layout Page

Cash Flow Tracker

This is so helpful to us who wanted to see where our earnings go OR if we really save on anything. This is were you can record your income every month. The savings you had and a small treat for achieving your savings target also has a space there. The Cash Flow tracker is paired with the Bills Tracker which is found a page ahead of the cash flow tracker. Bills Tracker is dedicated to listing all your monthly bills and other bills you paid that particular month.

Cash Flow Tracker

Gifts Tracker

Another special page of BDJ power planner which helps you prepare for that special occasion. You won’t ever get confused of what to give if you plan your gifts here. They even have thorough details such as status of gift (bought,wrapped,sent) and the store you bought it from and price of the gift.

Gifts Tracker Page


Below are some of the nice treats included when you buy the Belle de Jour Power Planner. These are added features which makes BDJ planner a consistent gift to all Bellas out there.

The ever useful BDJ Lifestyle Card is your key to get discounts from all partner stores of BDJ.  It’s just like having unlimited coupons!

BDJ Power Planner Lifestyle Card

Stickers  are the all new added treat to spice up your planner and make it very entertaining.  You can stick them anywhere to remind you of different appointments and schedules.


Belle de Jour still is packed with alot of other feature pages and all -time favorites like the Dream Board, Vacation Planner, Checklist,Health Plan and Monthly Layout. You may find the review of these on my previous posts of BDJ Power Planner.

For every hesitant girl out there, you may want to try and explore the Belle de Jour Power Planner as indeed, their mantra for this 2014 will help you achieve it through their planner. ♣

2014 Mantra of Belle de Jour


A Covergirl Lip Perfection Review


I had a habit of using lip balms before applying on lipstick. My lips tend to dry after awhile when I have lipstick on and I do not really like the feel of it. Even every retouch, I do apply lip balm before lipstick.

When my good friend Meg turned up at the office one time, I saw her bright pink lips full of moisture and could not help comment on how good it looks on her. 🙂 Being the good friend she is, she made me try her lip balm. I thought I heard it wrong, lip balm? It looked as if she had a very nice moistured lipstick. When she pulled out a jumbo pen- like balm from her bag, I was really surprised.

It was the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm.

Ever so gracious Meg, even gave me the best news of that day- she is giving me the Covergirl Lip Perfection! It was indeed new and she have just tried it on that same day. The color was really nice. It was the Watermelon Twist (215) which looked like a bright pink shade, subtle yet vibrant. I had a quick look online and found out this costs around $7 (Php 311.00).

Covergirl Lip Perfection

The texture is so creamy and when applied, you can really feel the moisture on your lips. What is really good about this product is that it is a balm and lipstick rolled into one. Indeed, I use this as lipstick due to the fact that it has a rich color,  pigment is really good(which can really be noticed when applied). I do not need to apply balm and lipstick. I only need to use this and voila! I have moisture and color on my lips.

Creamy texture

The packaging is a bit big, however; as said, you only need this on your bag. It is also easy to use as it is twistable.  You won’t be needing sharpeners for the balm.

Do know that there are also other nice shades such as 205 Ballet Twist, 210 Blush Twist,230 Berry Twist, 235 Coral Twist, 250 Scarlet Twist, 260 Plum Twist and 275 Mauve Twist. However, the name of the shade is not on its packaging. Only 215 is marked at the bottom.

The balm is also delicate and it easily loses its shape with few applications. Another downside would be its staying power. Since it is a lip balm, you would need to re-apply it at least every 3 hours.

Wearing Covergirl Lip Perfection

I suggest using the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss during days that you just want to put on something light on your face. I normally use this when I go out during weekends with little or no make-up and just wanted to give a little pop on my face.

Mastering Make-up at MUD Manila


There are many techniques one can do while applying make-up. I am one of those who learned applying make-up from my gut feel and what I know would be the easiest.  I have not even watched videos of different how-tos. I try to get tips once in awhile and each time I apply make-up, I always wonder is this the right way?

Then came my chance to enroll in a make-up class. Special thanks to Belle de Jour Power Planner, who have included a whopping 50% discount of Make-up Designory Manila (MUD) classes on their list of amazing coupons.

MUD logo

I managed to secure a slot on I believe was their last Personal Make-up class for 2013 at Purebeauty, Serendra. I only paid Php 4, 900 due to the 50% off discount. Classes starts at 10 am and we were told to bring our make-up essentials for that day’s make-up class.

MUD at Purebeauty

After some minutes, we started our class with 7 students plus the MUA. It was very personalized since the classes they have will only allow maximum of 10 students.

My classmates for the day

Ms. Hannah Roa was our make-up instructor for the day’s class. She is a graduate of MUD herself.  She went to class with no make-up also. Ms. Hannah started with the basics, checking on us if we have the make-up needed to complete each look. Then she taught us how to find the perfect shade of liquid foundation, concealer and face powder for our skin. She would go to our areas one by one  to check which was really good. She even moved her table in the middle so she could reach all of us. It was indeed personalized.

Listening to Ms. Hannah while she checks our cosmetics one by one

My so useful Bdellium Brushes

I had to write notes  while we were taught how to apply day make-up and  pull off a smokey night make-up.

We had the first 4 hours of our 8-hours class with the basics and the day make-up.

Getting started with day make-up

My make-up stuff and my daytime look

After lunch, we proceeded to applying night make-up which involves learning smoky eyes. I have always wanted to learn the simple yet proper steps in doing so.  I was really excited since my palette had too many colors and I did not even know if I was applying them properly.

Part of the class were learning to apply contour, highlight and blush which I think was really cool! I did not know the importance of these until I learned how and had seen them on me.

My subtle smoky eye for night look

I am satisfied that I was able to learn the proper techniques and even tips from the professional. The class ended a little past 6:30 pm and Ms. Hannah was gracious enough to answer all our queries. She even helped me pick the nearest concealer shade  to my skintone as we had 15% discount on all MUD products that day(what a great deal!).

Makeup Class Picture

The class gave me more confidence that I am able to prep myself up for special occasions and even  extend my knowledge to close people willing to get themselves pretty under my care. ♠